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    City Theatrical Training Webinar: RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer

    Interested in continuing your wireless DMX education? City Theatrical's Multiverse webinar series continues on August 20, 2020 at 11AM EDT with Webinar 7: RadioScan™ Spectrum Analyzer! The 30-minute webinar will be presented by City Theatrical Sales Manager, Harrison Hohnholt.RadioScan is a...
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    City Theatrical Webinar 06: Multiverse Receiver Card, hosted by Harrison Hohnholt

    Presented by Harrison HohnholtJune 11 | WEBINAR 06: Multiverse Receiver Card This webinar will teach you how to use the Multiverse Receiver Card, which allows anyone, whether they are an electrician, prop builder, tinkerer or inventor to implement a tiny Multiverse Receiver into any DMX...
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    City Theatrical Webinar 05: QolorFLEX Multiverse Wireless DMX Dimmers, presented by John Demous

    Presented by John DemousJune 4 | WEBINAR 05: QolorFLEX Multiverse Dimmers This webinar will explore wireless dimming and we'll show you how the QolorFLEX® 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmer sets up and operates. We well as teach you about another even smaller dimmer for props and costumes, our...
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    City Theatrical Webinar 04: Multiverse Transmitter

    Presented by Harrison HohnholtMay 28 | WEBINAR 04: Multiverse Transmitter In this webinar, we'll go deep into the Multiverse Transmitter, which contains four different radios and can broadcast as many as 10 universes from one transmitter. This webinar will also include how to set up...
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    City Theatrical Webinar 03: Multiverse Node

    Presented by John DemousMay 21 | WEBINAR 03: Multiverse Node In this webinar, we will teach you about our Multiverse Node, a single universe transceiver that contains both 2.4GHz and 900MHz radios.
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    City Theatrical Webinar 02: Multiverse SHoW Baby

    Presented by John DemousMay 14 | WEBINAR 02: Multiverse SHoW Baby This webinar will feature our simple plug and play 2.4GHz Multiverse SHoW Baby, which is compatible with all previous SHoW Babys ever made as well as Multiverse Technology.