1. zackconn44


    hey!I need a wireless dimmer from city theatrical. Which version of the QolorFLEX would work with 6 or more incandescent lights on it. Thank you
  2. zackconn44

    Showbaby issues

    I bought a Showbaby 6 in May of 2018. It recently has been having issues where it cannot recieve a signal. I tried changing the ateni but it didn’t help. I also put it as the dmx transmitter at the board. When I did this it could only interact with the closest 3 led pars. It couldn’t control the...
  3. zackconn44

    Showbaby 6 with Chauvet freedom pars

    So I have a city theatrical Showbaby Wireless DMX 6 attached to my etc ion. I was wondering if that could connect to the wireless Chauvet FlareCon that is contained within each freedom par. I know they both run on the same frequency so how would I make them communicate?