1. S

    Adding Hang position between catwalks - Cheeseboroughs enough?

    I have three catwalks in my black box that run parallel to one another. They are fantastic to hang from, but there are no hang positions (grid or otherwise) between the catwalks, which leads to inadequate focus positions. What I'm hoping to do is to run a standard batten pipe across those spans...
  2. A

    Looking for ''Forni'' Curtain clamps ? Or Alternative

    Hi, I'm actively looking for this type of clip/clamp. An European travelling company brought those in to set their curtains straight, and I'd like to buy some for our theater. I can't find anything from the manufacturer's name (Forni) which seems Italian. Anyone has seen these or can suggest...
  3. Kelite

    Lighting fixture truss/pipe clamps- your favorites?

    Greetings all!With such a diverse community of lighting folks here, what better forum to ask -Lighting fixture truss/pipe clamps- which style/brand/design/color are your favorites?Go!