1. Thetechmanmac

    Control/Dimming Sensor rack maintenance

    My theatre has 2 ETC sensor racks that need some love. The school has been open for 11 years, and as far as I know the dimmers have never been cleaned, or (much to my dismay) ever been shut down (fans and all). In the dimmer room, feeding said dimmers is a 600 amp switch. Install type. (not...
  2. E

    Conventional Fixtures Cleaning lamp socket terminals on 360Qs

    Hi, this is my first thread here and I want to get some insight on the best approach on cleaning socket terminals. At my high school we've got 8 source fours with 575w bulbs in them to light our stage and pit. After the source fours were installed, the old 360Qs were retired. Still lying around...
  3. NateJanota

    Design Issues and Solutions Tempest Enclosure Cleaning

    Hey CB.So my employer has a unique... problem. We utilize a variety of Tempest Tornado enclosures for our VL3500s and VL880s out on a hydrotechnic show. This means they get a variety of beatings, mostly from humidity, grime, and weather. However, we do have one very wonderful problem that...
  4. GregM

    Servicing and maintenance of movers.

    When it comes to cleaning the optics of movers (dichroic's, lenses, glass gobos) what is everyone's preferred weapon of choice?