1. A

    Clear-Com DX410 Reviews?

    I'm back after a long absence. Howdy! Does anyone have experience with Clear-Com's DX410 series of digital wireless coms? I want to interface them with our current 4-wire Clear-Com setup. How about the durability of the WH410 headsets for high school students? Thank you! -- AM
  2. AlexDavila

    Clear-Com Audio Adapter

    Hey, I'm working on a production of Spelling Bee right now and I'm having trouble finding the right adapter. Our SM is calling from a Clear-Com 4-channel main station and we're only using three of the channels currently. I would like to dedicate the last channel as an emergency page to the...
  3. Kyle McAnally

    3.5mm Headset Adapter

    So for a while I've been thinking about DIYing a Clearcom (or generic intercom) headset. To prefix this I'm a Theatre Electrician and capable of simple soldering, but a little lacking on in depth sound knowledge. I've seen: Which is where I actually...
  4. E

    Old Clear-Com Question

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post so bare with me... but! The facilities I am working in right now just came across with a pretty big problem last night in tech with our clear-com system. We started to randomly getting a high pitched squeal through the entire system, almost like a "fire...