1. D

    Clear-Com Alternatives - 2023

    My venues spending budget is tight and we need to replace our ClearCom system. What’s everyone’s experience with the other companies (PI,Telex,etc). Do the others hold up or function better/as good as ClearCom?
  2. A

    Installs Making Masonry Box Smaller

    Hey folks!Bit of an odd question, and I'm not certain there's a good answer. I'm looking to replace three ancient Telex SS-2F speaker stations with Clear-Com KB-701s. The SS-2Fs are flush mounted in 5-gang masonry boxes, and it seems the KB-701s are designed to use a 4-gang box. It seems that...
  3. A

    Clear-Com DX410 Reviews?

    I'm back after a long absence. Howdy! Does anyone have experience with Clear-Com's DX410 series of digital wireless coms? I want to interface them with our current 4-wire Clear-Com setup. How about the durability of the WH410 headsets for high school students? Thank you! -- AM
  4. AlexDavila

    Clear-Com Audio Adapter

    Hey, I'm working on a production of Spelling Bee right now and I'm having trouble finding the right adapter. Our SM is calling from a Clear-Com 4-channel main station and we're only using three of the channels currently. I would like to dedicate the last channel as an emergency page to the...
  5. Kyle McAnally

    3.5mm Headset Adapter

    So for a while I've been thinking about DIYing a Clearcom (or generic intercom) headset. To prefix this I'm a Theatre Electrician and capable of simple soldering, but a little lacking on in depth sound knowledge.I've seen: Which is where I actually...
  6. E

    Old Clear-Com Question

    Hey Everyone,This is my first post so bare with me... but!The facilities I am working in right now just came across with a pretty big problem last night in tech with our clear-com system. We started to randomly getting a high pitched squeal through the entire system, almost like a "fire...