1. D

    Clear-Com Alternatives - 2023

    My venues spending budget is tight and we need to replace our ClearCom system. What’s everyone’s experience with the other companies (PI,Telex,etc). Do the others hold up or function better/as good as ClearCom?
  2. LesWilson

    What do you think is causing this noise on the intercom?

    We've been only using our Clearcom MS-400A base station once a year for our High School musical. I'd like to start using it more at our weekly assemblies but would like to address the hissing if possible. Below is a recording of the noise with an RTA visualization. The recording was taken from...
  3. Jay Ashworth

    QUERY: Dante for Intercom

    I've been seeing a fair number, in various quarters, of people leveraging Dante hardware and networks to use them for comm, instead of (what appears to be more expensive) matrix intercoms from vendors like RTS. There are a number of advantages to doing this, from the standpoint of an A1 (as I...
  4. TheatreCR

    ClearCom Lifespan

    Hello! TLDR: What is the projected life expectancy of NEW ClearCom Equipment? Specifically FreeSpeakII components and the Arcadia system?We are planning on undergoing a major overhaul of our com system in the next 3-5 years and we'll be putting in ClearComs whole building Arcadia system. We...
  5. A

    Installs Making Masonry Box Smaller

    Hey folks!Bit of an odd question, and I'm not certain there's a good answer. I'm looking to replace three ancient Telex SS-2F speaker stations with Clear-Com KB-701s. The SS-2Fs are flush mounted in 5-gang masonry boxes, and it seems the KB-701s are designed to use a 4-gang box. It seems that...
  6. Jason M Wagner

    Wireless Clearcom Burst of Static

    Hello all,We have a Clearcom WTR-670 base station along with 4 WTR-670 belt packs. All packs are set to "Push to Transmit". One of the packs is creating a burst of static when the talk button is released. We tried switching it to "Push to Talk" but with poor signal where the pack is being...
  7. josh88

    HME WH220 Latching Issue

    So I've run into something that hasn't happened before and I thought I'd check in here for any insight. I have an HME wireless system in my space and I've got one headset that seems to be stuck in a mode not covered by the manual. All my other headsets work fine, but I've got one where 1...
  8. A

    Clear-Com DX410 Reviews?

    I'm back after a long absence. Howdy! Does anyone have experience with Clear-Com's DX410 series of digital wireless coms? I want to interface them with our current 4-wire Clear-Com setup. How about the durability of the WH410 headsets for high school students? Thank you! -- AM
  9. AlexDavila

    Clear-Com Audio Adapter

    Hey, I'm working on a production of Spelling Bee right now and I'm having trouble finding the right adapter. Our SM is calling from a Clear-Com 4-channel main station and we're only using three of the channels currently. I would like to dedicate the last channel as an emergency page to the...
  10. Endeavor Kowalski

    Intercom Idea

    The idea is to combine AD913 Transceiver, with a Blazon 180 Xenon Signal, a standard Clear Com Beltpack and a monitor input from a sound console. I had sketched up this (attached) and was wondering if there was something comparable on the market. Let me know if there is already a similar thread...
  11. M

    Comm headset splitter

    I thought this would be a common question, but couldn't find anything in a search. Is there any reason building a 4pin XLR Y cable wouldn't work to put two headsets on one beltpack? I'm guessing there's plenty of power, since any headset I've used (when working properly) is capable of causing...
  12. Jay Ashworth

    ClearCom Freespeak II Wireless PL

    Set up a new install of this for one of my theatres yesterday. (It's not completely installed; their sound contractor is reworking some the 2-wire install in the big theatre, to which it will attach, but it's configured and working.)Some thoughts.I like it. I can see -- even though they...
  13. EdSavoie

    Nuclear Comms (RS-501)

    We seem to be having a systematic problem with comms. This Clearcom RS-501 pack has failed by carbonizing a resistor, and burning the talk LED (the lamp wasn't illuminated to my knowledge, reverse voltage?)After a four hour run for this evening rehearsal, the box went dead. I suspected the...
  14. cnnrward

    INTERCOM - Clear-Com CL200 Replacment

    Hi,I was wondering if anyone knows of a replacement for the Clear-Com CL200 Call light actuator. The theatre I work for has a DX200, DX210, and MS-702. They are trying to integrate them into one system after I fixed the shorts in the 2 channel wiring.Being able to call from a wired beltpack...