1. Twin

    BFA Conservatory for Lighting

    Hello,I am a High School Master Electrician and lighting designer with a decent portfolio. I am looking for lighting specific BFA programs? I really like UNCSA, especially because it's in-state.Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. JimmyM

    When to start applying for jobs for after graduation?

    Hello,I am expecting to graduate this Spring with a BFA in Theatre Production and Design, I am curious when people might recommend applying for jobs? I would love to have a start date at a company before I graduate however I can imagine that applying now to start in May would be a bit strange...
  3. SpockAndStep

    is CRAS university a scam?

    I have been looking at colleges ever since freshmen year, and I have recently come across a university called CRAS (Conseratory of Recording Arts and Sciences). I've never heard of it before and the reviews and their website seem a little sketchy to me. can someone verify that it's not a scam? a...
  4. Conner Jones

    Need advice on choosing an MFA program

    hello all,So I have been lucky enough to be accepted by two awesome colleges and I am having the difficult task of choosing between them. A great problem to have... but still a hard choice.The two places are NIU and U of I. Both have a lot of merits to their curriculum and both promise to...
  5. M

    UNLV's EED program

    As the recently elected Chair for the program's Advisory Board, I am burning up a few electrons to let everyone know that a 4-year degree in the technical theater arts is available from UNLV. The Entertainment Engineering and Design program is a joint venture between the Colleges of Fine Arts...
  6. N

    College Question regarding college and life

    Hi folks!I'm turning to strangers on the internet for guidance because why not? So currently I'm enrolled in a B.A. program for Design and Technology with a concentration in Lighting. I also have two professional jobs currently working as an electrician/ stagehand for both.My question is, I...
  7. N

    Need help finding the right school

    I've been working in theater since high school and chose to attend a school for Theatre Technology and Design. The only issue is, most schools focus more on the design part, and only touch the technology part. Right now, I have no desire to design. I really enjoy entertainment electrician work...
  8. NCS

    Glad to find this site

    Hello, I am new to this site; I stumbled onto it through a search for college programs. I am a junior in HS and have been involved in tech theatre for 3 years. I am the lighting director for the drama club and I am also a musician. I would love to combine my love of lighting and music and...
  9. NCS

    Career in Concert Lighting

    I am a junior in HS and have been involved in tech theatre. I am the lighting director for the drama club and I am also a musician. I would love to combine my love of lighting and music and eventually become a lighting designer for concerts. I am currently looking at colleges and am wondering...
  10. Roma V

    Rudimentary Block Diagram Question

    Hello! I am a high school senior and I have a college technical theatre interview on Friday and was hoping to show them how the sound system at my high school is set up. I don't really have any formal training, but I found information about block diagrams on the internet and thought it would be...
  11. B

    I need help choosing college plan

    I am a senior in High School with passing grades and a good amount of experience to back me up. I want to go into Technical theatre as a profession. Now the time has come that I need to decide what school to go to and what degree to get. I want to try and get the best paying job I can in the...
  12. T

    Senior Project

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask or if I am giving enough info, but at this point I would just love creative input.I am a junior stage management student who has experience with lighting design and basic skills in all other areas except costuming. I am needing to propose a...
  13. R

    Dance Performance

    Are there any stage managers out there who hjave done both theater shows and dance productions... which one did you prefer and why? I am a college student looking for some insite on people's opinions. I have worked with dance productions mostly but I am thinking about dabbling into the world...