1. C

    Need suggestions for wash gels.

    Hey friends!I'm a undergrad lighting designer. I'm currently working on a design for a set that will be painted purple and splattered to imitate a galaxy. I've never dealt with purple before, and I'm hitting roadblocks in my mind when trying to find good gels for both a wash and some specials...
  2. matcreyn

    Elation SIXPAR 200s issue

    My SIXPAR 200s don’t seem to be responding correctly to color values. When I pick a deep red, one fixture is correct but all the others look magenta. Similar for cyan and blue. They are profiled correctly and the same (6Ch) and patched correctly in the Ion (SIXPAR 200) but only one appears to...
  3. TuckerD

    Designation of Filters for Theatrical Lighting - 1938 DB Judd

    This year I read a paper published in 1938 regarding how gels are named and numbered. In the year prior members of the Illuminating Engineering Society (you've heard of them, the IES founded in 1905 in NYC) had approached the esteemed color researcher DB Judd to solve the problem of how to name...
  4. 'thaniel

    ETC - Making The Light Fantastic - Part Three

    Making the Light Fantastic is a four-part webinar series that introduces you to the basic principles of stage lighting design. Across the four sessions we will cover the principles of design, types of lights, working with color, building your first design and a number of other topics. Part One...
  5. Jordan Street

    Design Lee 600 Arctic White and other newer Lee Designer Series colors.

    I've been LD and TD for an annual children's dance production of a Nutcracker variation for 10 years now. I haven't really changed the color from my original design but a lot of it is starting to burn out. I was initially just going to replace the color but decided I wanted to lighten up the key...
  6. D

    Wybron CXI scrolls

    Hi I am in the UK. I have a 12 inch CXI that needs a new rear gel scroll. Can anyone suggest a source for this. Thanks In advance. David
  7. indigoapropo

    Color Blind Director

    I will be working with a director in about a years time who is red/green color blind, and I'm looking for advice on how to communicate effectively with him. We've had some preliminary talks about it and obviously color is only one aspect of lighting but I'd like to give him the best experience...
  8. Capt.T_T.

    Control/Dimming Color DMX Level Data for LED Fixtures

    The fixture library on my console doesn't play nicely with my ETC D60s, or with the ColorSource Cyc fixtures I'm demo'ing this week. I specifically have issues with matching gel colors using the console's UI. I typically get around this by punching my desired color into the ETC Photometrics App...
  9. Lightguy5

    Vintage Lighting Old color puzzle/question

    I'm cleaning out my gel drawers and finding some un-identifiable color. So for you history buffs, help!1.) I know that one is a Roscolux colored diffusion of the R120 range, but in Sky Blue, that's been discontinued. (the student who wanted 2 cuts, cut off the label!! I seem to recall R128?)...
  10. Blake Alley

    Control/Dimming Hog4 Hue/Saturation or CMY?

    Hey, everyone! I’ve got an interesting conundrum for Hog4 users and, more specifically, the color system.Hog4 has an option for either Hue/Saturation or CMY and I’ve experimented a lot with both. The thing I’m trying to figure out is which is better for both standardizing colors between...
  11. TuckerD

    Resources about Color Science / Color Management

    Hi all!I was debating posting this in multimedia but I figured that it would get more attention here. I work in color science / color management of LED display technologies. I've been asked several times over the last year for a list of reading materials / books / links / etc... that some one...
  12. H

    High End Color Pro Classic

    Hi All, I recently acquired a number of color pro classic fixtures. These are the old ones that used 3 MR-16 lamps. The only way I currently have to control them is with the proprietary controller that came with them. However from what I can gather online from others, and from the High End...
  13. tdtastic

    Gel Storage Upgrade

    it's 2017 for God's sake. I'm so over manila file folders. There has GOT to be a better way of storing get cuts that is easy to peruse but won't turn into a giant mess!!! Someone out there has surely come up with a clever way to do this better, and I want to know how!Also taking ideas for...
  14. M

    Design Best gels for skin tones

    I was wondering if people could recommend what gels they have found to work best on different skin tones? Both warms and cools would be appreciated. Thanks! (I typically stick to rosco)
  15. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Mastering Color, Part II

    We're back with another episode of Lighting Insights from CHAUVET Professional! This month we revisit the second part of the Mastering Color video from last month -- let's talk Color Groupings, differing color schemes, and ways to utilize your color choices wisely!
  16. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Mastering Color, Part I

    Lighting Insights is back for this month's look into light! Jim Hutchison talks about a subject that we all think we know until it shows us who is boss: COLOR! Check it out!
  17. Brentgi

    Control/Dimming ETC Eos Color Calibration

    I'm running ETC Element ver. 2.3.I have a mixture of led fixtures that I work with.The two fixtures in question on this post are both Chauvet fixtures: Chauvet Colordash Batten Chauvet Colorband Pix (USB)Also, to preface, there is no profile for the Colorband Pix USB, so I had to create...
  18. nlandis

    Design Black Box Rep Plot

    I'm in the process of creating a rep plot for a recently-built black box space that seats roughly 150 and has a stage that is 47' wide (in reality, about 40' of usable space when legs are in place) and 26' deep. The space is equipped with a tension grid system and pipe grid above, so there are...
  19. nagates

    Design Color mixing suggestions.

    So, I am working on a production of Shrek, and as usual there is a limited number of fixtures at my disposal. In order to give the show some of the necessary colors it needs, like red, blue, green (that is a big one), purple, I am trying to rely on color mixing of complementary colors to make...
  20. SouthTownProd

    I'm needing a little help with lighting configurations

    I recently decided to get the ADJ Wifly RGBW8C Wireless Controller and i was going to use my chauvet lights (slimpar 56's and colorpallete) with the board as a backup in case my laptop doesn't work. I hooked everything up like i did with my other board (ex. light to wifly adapter), but i noticed...