colorsource 40

  1. Gage

    Quick question about the ETC Colorsource Consoles

    First off, sorry if this has been talked about before, I couldn't find much on it other than a few other un-answered forum posts. I'm looking into getting a Color Source 40 or a Chamsys Quickq console for a school auditorium. I'm leaning towards the color source, mostly because I can get it in a...
  2. Stevens R. Miller

    Sudden Blackout During Fade

    I have returned with another of my vague and bumbling questions.This time, I am in a theater with an ETC ColorSource 40 desk, and lots of Chauvet LEDs. I'm not sure of the model, but hanging in the house are four ellipsoidal LEDs that provide the main fill light for the stage. When I program a...