colortran i96

  1. Joe Voorhees

    Control/Dimming Colortran i96 and panic mode

    Hey everyone,I have a pair of Colortran i96 Dimmers for a high school theatre, when the fire alarm goes off one of them is triggered into "Panic" mode and the entire rack goes to full. After tripping several times with a faulty smoke head across the building I'm getting tired of changing lamps...
  2. KT the TD

    Colortran i96 dimmer rack problems

    We're having troubles with our dimmers after the power went out. Some won't shut off, some pop on at 50% when the fader gets to 1%, and it's an issue being December when everyone and their brother put on "The Nutcracker."I've tried resetting the modules but can't find a main power switch to...