1. Aidan Spelbring

    Theatre Intercom Systems??

    We’re attempting to rebuild a high school theatre program and we’re getting to the point where we need a reliable form of communication between everyone. We want a theatre intercom with the headsets, but I have no clue what we need.What we have; A Stage XLR input on each side of the stage...
  2. Christopher Haws

    Intercom System on a budget

    Hello,I volunteer at a few local High Schools who don't have huge budgets for purchasing equipment. For the past several years we have been using 2 way radios for communicating between sound, lighting, stage management, and our spotlight. The biggest issue we have is that 2-way radios are only...
  3. techietim

    Communication with Sound 2 during live mix performances

    Hey all!Slightly odd one here, we are trying to think up a way that we can have Sound 1 with a direct communication/signal link to Sound 2 on stage.Annoyingly our theatre's comms are all on the same channel for crew, and for shows with larger crews trying to speak to Sound 2 directly through...