community theatre

  1. JJBerman

    Job: HS Performing Arts Center Technical Director Position--Middleton, WI

    For those interested (and please pass along to anyone who may be interested) The Middleton Performing Arts Center (Middleton WI) is looking for a new Technical Director. Job Posting: Performing Arts Center - Technical Director - Vacancy ID: 180846 While it is not noted in the posting, starting...
  2. JJBerman

    Performing Arts Center Director Position--Middleton, WI

    The Middleton Cross Plains Area School District is looking for a new Performing Arts Center(PAC) Director. The Middleton PAC is used over 300 days a year for school, community, and national events. Please see links below and contact myself via PM here or the contact information on the PAC...
  3. Roma V

    Wireless Samson Concert 99 and Other Low-Budget Wireless Systems

    Does anybody have any experience with the Samson Concert 99 Wireless System with the earset? Can you speak to its sound quality and durability?I'm looking for lower-budget wireless systems for a community theatre, and the Samson Concert 99 wireless system looks very inexpensive for what it...
  4. Roma V

    New Sound System for Community Theatre

    Hi! I'm brand new to ControlBooth and looking for advice on what to buy for the youth community theatre that I work with.We're looking to get a complete sound system that does not have to rely on a venue's house system, because we generally change venues every summer and are never really sure...