1. S

    Convert Act Curtain to Tableau

    Hi guys, I'm designing for an upcoming farce at my local theatre and I had the idea that a tableau curtain would really fit the feeling of the show. Our space has a common traveller type main drape that's a rich red, proscenium opening of 16'x32'. Does anyone have an experience with rigging an...
  2. mcubed4130

    Mobile sound wireless setup 7 performers.

    Hello everyone long time lurker, needing help on wireless sound. Said almost the same in the New Member Board, but this is the right place to post.I'm being tasked to come up with a mobile solution for sound. Min requirements 7 wireless singers, 2 of which will also be dancing (musical...
  3. NateJanota

    Making Dream Jobs Come True (TL;DR in OP)

    Afternoon, CB!So it's time to let a kitten out of the bag (I would say cat but my project hasn't grown up that much yet, ha ha, okay I'll stop now).Some of you may remember that several months ago I posted a request for help in doing some research on Technical Entertainment; you can find...