1. E

    Computer for sound system

    I am replacing a VERY old computer that I scavenged when I first took this job. The sound system had just been replaced, but the district in it's wisdom did not provide the requisite computer when they bought the system. This year I have some funds and am looking for a decent buy. It will need...
  2. tymckz

    Best computer for QLC+

    I've been using a mac mini and my QLC is just not happy and quirky. I'm ready to throw in the towel after much troubleshooting.What pc computer do any of you use? I'm shopping around but I don't now anything about pc's..) Ty
  3. Colin Bishop

    Vectorworks Lighting Fixtures crashing OpenGL and Renderworks

    So recently I started learning Vectorworks 2016 (Student Edition) primarily for a school project. I have been designing a lighting plot of my school's auditorium with it and I am very pleased with how it is turning out currently. However vector works has decided to not want to render the lights...
  4. W

    PC Consoles/Off-Line New CPU or More Memory?

    Hello all,I am looking for advice/opinions/experience with using PC Consoles and off line editors. I am not the most computer savory but I am not uninformed if that makes any sense.Currently I have only Apple/Mac computers and I would like to be able to run and use off line editors and PC...