1. Rose03

    A Congo?

    Hi y'all I wanted some opinions on a Congo lighting desk. Ive been thinking about upgrading from a Mactop and nomad dongle to a real desk. I've heard Congo is a little tricky to learn. I need something that is good in theater settings and can busk decently. Thanks!
  2. L

    Using QLab with Congo

    Hello all, we are currently in the process of figuring out better ways to run things lighting-wise at my theatre. QLab is of particular interest at the moment. The problem that could arise would most likely rear its head due to our outdated operating system: we're running a Congo Jr. on software...
  3. M_ars

    Focusing spot manually by fader

    Hi there! I'm intrested - can I control speed of movement of the spot light by moving a fader? For example, we have two precets, each one contains different focus pallete for a spot. I wanna move a light from one point to another by moving fader with precet #2, but I wanna reach a destination...
  4. Max Wurtz

    Control/Dimming ETC Nomad Cobalt

    Hey, I'm a lighting designer who currently owns and uses ETC Nomad Eos. However, I am very intrigued by the Cobalt family software, but from what I've read it seems to be very geared toward running on the physical console. Do you think its still worth learning the software on my computer as...