1. S

    Hi from a connector man

    Hi,Joined the forum, I work in the events industry supplying connectors.I manufacture socapex connectors for theatre and stage application and single pole powerlock connectors for power distribution.Also do bimetallic connectors for aluminium cable - which I'm seeing a lot of recently in...
  2. patrickh

    Favorite Quick Disconnect Electrical Connector

    What's your favorite quick disconnect, single wire, electrical connector? I am thinking 14-18AWG. Currently, spade connectors are my go-to, but they pull off easily and are hard to pull apart many times. The usage of this is for set practicals, LED PSU Connections, Wireless Dimmer Battery...
  3. Stevens R. Miller

    What Connector Is This?

    On the back of an audio output device, I see a pair of female RCA connectors. Next to them are, in a single green plastic block, two sets of three pins. I am guessing (and I am only guessing) these are balanced-line outputs. But my Google-fu cannot find anything that looks like them, much less...
  4. S

    Vintage Lighting RNS Circuits

    Hey all, I am looking to see if any one know the origin of RNS (R and S maybe, not entirely sure) circuit connections are. or if we are calling them the wrong thing. I don't have picture yet, but basically it is a round brass fitting about and inch and a half in diameter with three pins in a...