1. Seth Morrison

    20Amp Twist Lock connectors - outdated vs L6-20 and L6-15

    Hello!I am in the process of repairing fixtures and cables at a theatre that has not had much maintenance over the past decade. I discovered a discrepancy in the twist lock connectors when I tried to swap a new one from our stock with an existing one. The ground pin for the new plug was facing...
  2. S

    Hi from a connector man

    Hi,Joined the forum, I work in the events industry supplying connectors.I manufacture socapex connectors for theatre and stage application and single pole powerlock connectors for power distribution.Also do bimetallic connectors for aluminium cable - which I'm seeing a lot of recently in...
  3. S

    Automated Fixtures ColorKinetic TR4 connector?

    Anybody know what kind of connector this is? This is from the PCB of a TR4 ColorKinetic Striplight.Thanks!