1. PracticallyDone

    Help with ideas for steeply raked stage (sculpture).

    Hello everyone,First, I hope that my presence here isn't too out of line as I work in a museum and not a theater. Much of my work overlaps the theater knowledge set and I have worked in theaters before. I am in charge of all fabrication at my museum and I'm looking to hear some ideas and...
  2. M

    Cost advantage for Broadway vs Hollywood Flats?

    What are the best building methods to control for costs? We typically build Hollywood style flats, but costs of lumber are exponential. We also don't have much storage space, so we tend to re-build flats often.Is there a cost advantage to using Broadway style flats? Another type?Any other...
  3. tdtastic

    High-Shine black flooring

    Many shows (like Phantom) have a high-shine, almost mirrored, black floor. You see this on a lot of TV specials and game show sets as well. What is this building material called and where can you get it? I used to know the name but forget. It comes in standard sized panels, Im guessing...
  4. M

    Help building two rolling platforms

    Hi there, I have been designing sets for a while now...but have recently been tasked with creating construction drawings as well- normally my carp team takes care of it. I am wondering how best to make two moving platforms. One is 3ft high while the other is 20" high. The 20" one is more like a...