control booth

  1. N

    Control/Dimming Ion monitor arrangement

    Hey all,We’re upgrading g the counter in our booth, and thus have been forced to remove everything. This gives us a new opportunity when reinstalling to shake things up and try something new.So, my question for everyone here is “What’s your favourite 2-screen arrangement for your lighting...
  2. Paul Hannah

    Location of the Control Booth

    I am designing a new theatre in an old building and I am thinking about control booth location. If I go the traditional route and put it behind the audience, it will be small, low ceilinged and impossible to access for the less well abled users. If I put it backstage with two redundant video and...
  3. F

    a/v control booth for small church

    I am new to the group. I pastor a small church (50-80 people). We are getting a new a/v system with two 60-inch monitors, and 22-channel audio mixer, etc. System designed by professional company. Our task is to build a control booth to run it. any suggestions or resources to use? I have some...