1. A

    CD80 Non-Dim Patch?

    To start, I have 2 full-size CD80 dimmer racks with C21 control systems. Most modules are dual 2.4kw dimmer modules, I have one factory labeled constant power, and a couple of modified constant power modules. My controller is a full-sized Strand Neo Console. For an upcoming show in a couple of...
  2. Gage

    Does anybody know how I might get ahold of a "piano board" style resistance dimmer setup, or a "six-pack" autotransformer console?

    The title says it all. I'm not entirely sure what I would do with one, or where exactly I would put the thing. I know I want one though, just fascinating and impractical enough for me to want to endlessly tinker with it. After looking at the usual online retailers for a few years, I seem to have...
  3. V

    Unrecognized Dimming Receptacle

    Hello,I was looking at the lighting situation in a dining hall in MIT's student center and they built in some stage pin and dimmer boxes around the room, likely when they first built the building. I don't recognize the connections for the dimmer and was wondering if anyone here could identify...
  4. S

    Controlling In a Large Stadium

    I am breaking into controlling much larger rigs. Also looking to expand into much larger venues. When you go into a large stadium and do semi-perm installs with lights rigged all around and lights on the ground, what is the preferred way to control all of the lights? I am somewhat familiar with...
  5. N

    Jands Vista 2 and B-Eye K20 shapes

    Hi all, I am renting 4 B-Eye K20s for a show coming up soon, and I want to use them in shapes mode to get the full functionality out of them, but conserve DMX channels. Are there any tricks or tips anyone has to getting these to run in Vista? Also, are there any visualizer software out there...