1. Graham Darnell

    LED vs Conventional

    Hi Everyone, I am currently writing an essay on why LED Lighting fixtures will eventually become the standard in the lighting industry. I am looking for sources for my essay and have found a couple but wanted to see what the community might have. If you have any research or sources that speaks...
  2. SamSam

    European -> American Fixture

    Hey Team,Working on a large production from Germany coming through our space. Having a great time working with their LD. However, I'm stuck on one type of fixture that is getting lost in translation both literal and figurative. It started as a " Neidervolt, similar to a single lamp from a...
  3. D

    Control/Dimming Strand 250ML MIDI

    Hello, I have a Strand 250ML in our school's auditorium (not by choice :) ). I am trying to find a way to use its MIDI Interference to have Qlab send cue commands to the Lighting Board via MIDI. I have found little to no information on this and I want to pick your all's brains on this. This...
  4. Harrison

    Conventional Fixtures When to Replace Lamps

    Silly question - but I'm curious.When do you guys replace the lamps in your conventional fixtures? Do you want till it blows? Do you try to predict how many hours are on it and replace it before it would blow? Is there a way to tell when it's nearing end of life?Thanks
  5. Aaron Peavey

    Conventional Fixtures Altman 360 ellipsoidal

    I was recently given a couple of the original Altman 360 fixtures. I was wondering if anyone has any info on them. I am specifically looking for the lamp types it can take. The light has a EGG 750w lamp right now but i want to go down to a lower wattage.