1. SamSam

    European -> American Fixture

    Hey Team,Working on a large production from Germany coming through our space. Having a great time working with their LD. However, I'm stuck on one type of fixture that is getting lost in translation both literal and figurative. It started as a " Neidervolt, similar to a single lamp from a...
  2. Brad.O

    Control/Dimming Converting EDI SPI Q-2 dimmer module to constant power

    We have a need to convert a few channels of our existing dimmer-per-circuit installation into constant power to support LED and ML loads.Wondering if anyone has the circuit diagrams for a Q-2 module - we'd likely only be converting 1 of the 4 channels in the module as we want to distribute the...
  3. A

    Converting obsession to ion issues

    So I have followed the instructions on the other threads and converted my show file to ascii using obsession 2 offline editor, I then opened up the EOS family off-line editor and went to import>usitt ascii>as library fixtures>show file location>show file.The editor then did its magic importing...
  4. Stephen G. Brickles

    Coemar Venus LED Conversion

    ** The world's first Coemar Venus M4 LED Conversion !! ** ??The video demonstration can be found here - this film was a pre-gig test. I did actually use the unit in short bursts for a while at the gig.Uses 8 Cree CXA1820 Cool White LED arrays connected in series to two Recom RACD100-700A LED...