1. H

    High End Color Pro Classic

    Hi All, I recently acquired a number of color pro classic fixtures. These are the old ones that used 3 MR-16 lamps. The only way I currently have to control them is with the proprietary controller that came with them. However from what I can gather online from others, and from the High End...
  2. Adam Brunetti

    In Need: LMX-DMX Converter

    Hey guys, A friend of mine is in tech for a show out in LA and ran into an issue where the theatre only has 4 As-42 dimmer packs from lightronics, of which only 1 has DMX out, which of course, pins 1, 4, and 5 are broken. He is trying to run into an artnet node to run lighting off QLab. Anyone...
  3. Joel Engelhardt

    Using Martin M-PC with ANY USB-DMX interface - Cheap!

    Hey guys! So as you know, DMX control has gotten extremely inexpensive, especially using cheap (yet in my opinion generally reliable) USB-to-DMX interfaces sold online. An example of such interfaces is this one, which you could buy right now for $16.81. While these solutions are certainly not...