costume design

  1. C

    Transforming Props & Costumes

    Hey- I searched this site for any mention of transforming props, but I couldn't find a thread that fit my needs.I was tasked with designing a prop that has to transform onstage. What are some instances in which a prop changes onstage? Either by actor interaction, crew interaction, lighting...
  2. Psycho Seamstress

    Support and Share my Costume Rigging Book Campaign!!

    Finally the Costume Rigging Book I've been threatening to write for years! Please share and join my Costume Rigging Blog and Group on Facebook for more help with rigging!!
  3. M

    Where can I find plaster casting supplies for set making?

    I am trying to put together a list brick and mortar stores that sell stage design materials (not lighting). Does anyone have any good suggestions? Looking mainly in the U.S, but wouldn't mind looking elsewhere.