1. S

    LAN Problems with Crestron Unit

    So after spending nearly 2 hours on the phone with Crestron support (which is great btw), I discovered that our LAN connection in the booth was dead. That was ultimately the end of Crestron being able to help get our DMPS3 unit working again. Of course our Network guy was off, and my network...
  2. N

    Architectural control into DMX

    Hello,Our school auditorium is currently being upgraded to a Crestron architectural control system. Our theatre has two DMX universes, and plenty of spare outputs, but we don’t have any spare DMX inputs into the system. What I’m wondering is:I’m sure people in this community have...
  3. Brenden Friedel

    Loudspeakers Crown TI-6000

    So at my school, we have 2 Crown TI-6000. These are powered using a Dante switch. Recently anytime we turn on the system using a Crestron system it sometimes doesn't turn on the amps or it only turns on one amp. This means only one array can be powered and since we have to that's not good...