1. S

    Cues Based on Blocking

    Hi yall! I'm a high school SM and i just finnished my second production as SM. I hope to persue SM as a career whem im older.I was wondering how to call cues triggered by blocking.Also what does it mean when an SM calls something like "45 on the red, 46 on the blue, 47 on the yellow..."...
  2. Julian Amrine

    Microphones How much rehearsal time do you get as an SE for a musical?

    Hi all,TL;DR: When Line-by-line mixing, what is your personal threshold/ratio for rehearsal time to the amount of mic cues you miss?Eviscerate me for being complain-y if you will, but I'm feeling pretty down about this. I'm the house tech, currently the SE for a 2 week run of a community...
  3. Stevens R. Miller

    Basic ETC Ion Question About Cues

    Amazingly, I have not been able to find the answer to this question in the oh-so-clear, 440-page pamphlet that comes with the ETC Ion.I have learned how to program basic cues and play them from a cue list. When I play a cue, channels set to specific intensities fade to those intensities...
  4. misspriddy

    Control/Dimming ETC Element cue transition/save issues

    Hello!Have been working with the same ETC board for a few years, the last year or so we've had the same problem occurring on and off:During tech we program cues with transition times and follows and save the show often.After tech the board will not playback the correct transition/follow...