curtain track

  1. absolutetheatremn

    Used Black Curtains

    Our theatre is smaller in size and looking for some black curtains to use as a main drape for "A Year With Frog and Toad." We need two curtains 12'6 inches to 14 feet High and 14 to 20 ft wide, preferably black so we can use them for other shows. We are willing to buy but our budget is limited...
  2. S

    Tab Curtain Question

    Hi AllSo my theatre does not have a fly system so all our curtains must be on ADC track as a bi part traveler system. For our production I am renting a Tab curtain that comes in 2 panels. Is there a way to rig these panels as a standard traveler and then once they are closed, use it as a tab...
  3. blackisthenewblack

    Master Carrier with brake? Not for a Traveller

    I have some side stage Germans that are on a sliding track, I am wondering if there were any master carrier options that have an included brake in them. What I am looking for is a product like this Manfrotto option, but with something I can actually clip curtains into. I have looked at a...