1. P

    Folding Soft Goods with Fullness

    Hi all,I was wondering if anyone has some pointers on folding soft goods that have fullness, specifically traveler panels. I know the standard 3-4 top to bottom folds and then fold in towards center for both sides, but I've had trouble in the past keeping soft goods with fullness neat because...
  2. WFair

    Replacing borders with no fullness?

    It has come time to replace all our drapery (FINALLY!) and I am starting to put together specs for the project. While I have a variety of questions regarding weight, lining, etc my main question for this thread is about my borders/teasers/valance...whatever you choose to call the 8-ft tall x...
  3. J

    Contour Curtain Pulley system

    We are investigating the possibility of creating a small contour curtain for an upcoming show. We are a high school, and have a relatively small budget. Has anybody ever sewn the curtain themselves, installed the rings, and set up a pulley system that is hand-operated?We're thinking there...
  4. A

    Looking for ''Forni'' Curtain clamps ? Or Alternative

    Hi, I'm actively looking for this type of clip/clamp. An European travelling company brought those in to set their curtains straight, and I'd like to buy some for our theater. I can't find anything from the manufacturer's name (Forni) which seems Italian. Anyone has seen these or can suggest...
  5. Hutcoy

    Lame soft goods

    I have never heard this term before. I assume it refers to Mylar curtains or some other shimmer curtain.Does anyone have a definition for "Lame Soft Goods"?
  6. tdtastic

    ISO Used Drape Resources

    Hey guys and gals,Looking for ideas of where to purchase used stage drapes. Gearing up for 39 Steps and need to create a tab curtain about 20'x20'. Wouldn't be able to rig anything rented without probably destroying it....and I REALLY don't want to have to sew something. Looking for old...
  7. blackisthenewblack

    Master Carrier with brake? Not for a Traveller

    I have some side stage Germans that are on a sliding track, I am wondering if there were any master carrier options that have an included brake in them. What I am looking for is a product like this Manfrotto option, but with something I can actually clip curtains into. I have looked at a...
  8. 0

    Dead Hung Soft goods too Long Fixes

    Hello, a venue I work at has all of its soft goods 2-3" too long. What options do we have for working around this? Everything is dead hung and as high as the (short) ceiling will allow.