1. Hugtrain

    "Piping" the Cyc

    Our theater has a ~40' straight Cyclorama in the back and for our next production, I'd like to have it be flat. Problem is, everyone that knew how left a while ago, and I was wondering if you guys could help.We have a pipe in the shop, schedule 40 1 1/2" diameter and all the connectors for it...
  2. Zebetz

    Projection for Theatre - Position and Type?

    I am looking to price projectors for a permanent install as a front projector to fill the cyc in a 400 seat house. It's a long throw - roughly 146' from the spot tower, or 100'ish from the catwalk to the cyc. Proscenium is 44' across and 20' high with a 54' wide cyc. Another possibility would be...
  3. C

    Hard Cyc: Design and Construction

    Project is an existing high school auditorium. Their back wall is cinder block. The stage is very shallow (adding rigging for a fabric cyc would kill precious inches), so I am suggesting they convert that wall into a permanent hard cyc, which can be painted (and re-painted) as they want—either a...
  4. A

    New Cyclorama ?

    Hello everyone! I'm a part of a high school theater company looking to buy a new cyclorama. As of right now, we have a muslin cyc however it seems like it is painted over a more white color. We've realized that muslin is the most common material, however, our theater also uses our cyc for...
  5. P

    Cyc Lights on RP Screen?

    Hi all!My company is about to purchase some ETC Selador Vivid-Rs. In the show we're about to start working on, we have the need for both projections and cyc washes. I've done projections onto a muslin cyc before, with some success, but I'd much rather do a Rear Projection screen. We have just...
  6. Ethan


    In Our Town there are a lot of scenes involving a moon, how would I get this to happen? Any suggestions? Thank you so much.