1. Smatticus

    Control/Dimming Solais LR38 LED Retrofit with ETC Sensor CEM Classic

    Has anyone out there run into the Solais LR38 dimmable LED lamp? A high school I work at just replaced all of the incandescent lamps in the house light fixtures with these LED lamps. The fixtures are fed by ETC D20 Sensor dimmers controlled by a CEM Classic (five fixtures per dimmer). No...
  2. tdtastic

    LED HouseLights FAIL!!!

    Much to my chagrin, our school’s maintenance team has replaced all of my theatre’s incandescent house lights with LED floods as part of an energy-saving mandate. Of course, THEY DON’T DIM!!! Seeking advice from others who have found themselves trying to do this very thing. I have 17-year-old...