1. tdtastic

    Stress Skin SKINs

    Taking a poll: what do you skin your stress-skin platforms or 'triscuits' with and why? How do you like to attach your top surface for max hold without putting a thousand holes in your stock platforms.Our shop has been using MDF for a while, and frankly we're tired of moving that heavy crap...
  2. Julian Amrine

    Staging Concepts vs StageRight: We need a new pit filler--time for a deck shootout!

    So far we've got quotes for Wenger Strata, Staging Concepts SC9600, and StageRight ME-1000. Staging Concepts quote is by far the most expensive. I've had mixed results in the past with other Wenger products, but I've an open mind. I regularly work with StageRight gear at a local arena, and think...