1. R

    Addressing DMX to SPI Decoder (Alitove SP201E)

    Hi folks,I'm attempting to control a string of LED pixel lights via DMX and an ETC console. The decoder we purchased is the Alitove SP201E, which should be compatible with both the WS2811 chips in the lights and regular ol' DMX. The manual leaves much to be desired. Reviewers on Amazon say...
  2. klinnks

    Automated Fixtures DMX RGBW Globes

    I am wondering if anyone has any products in mind that would work my the show I am building. The design calls for globes in a tree that are all RGBW, DMX controllable, and wireless. I have found a lot of LED gear out there but nothing that meets all three requirements. I don't need to it be a...
  3. J

    DMX Decoder Questions

    Hello!I work at a church as one of the tech directors and we are planning on implementing a new stage design soon. We want to give some Non Dmx LED strips DMX control using a 24 channel decoder and I was wondering if you all could help me with making sure the design I made will work. I have...