1. DannyDepac

    New lighting board / console / desk suggestions?

    Hi Everyone,I work at a HS and we have a Philips Strand Preset Palette II 32/64 that has had trouble booting reliably for a couple of years now. I spoke with a servicer of Philips and he stated it would be pretty expensive to service and that it would be worth it to look at new boards.I...
  2. Rose03

    Lycian Xenon Spot On Dimmer

    I found a Lycan Miget HP on a dimmer. Is this ok to do? It is running off an ETC Cem3 dimmer, the level for the spotlight was set from the dimmer's cpu, not the desk.
  3. S

    Securing a semi-permanent FOH console

    I work in a campus theater that, at my request, recently established a semi-permanent FOH mix position and acquired an LS9 to fill it. It was a stretch for our budget, and I was very happy about it, and I'd like to make sure it stays safe. It spends the academic year, however, on a folding table...