dimmer pack

  1. A

    Control/Dimming Trouble with Non Responsive Lighting Control

    Hello all,I am having trouble sorting out the cause of a failure in my lighting rig. I am new to this venue and have limited documentation on the infrastructure. We have had problems with a single Leprecon DMX Pack with power distribution from an ETC Sensor + to power non-LED instruments. Most...
  2. kiersplat

    Dimmer pack flicker

    I have three brand new Chauvet DJ DMX-4 dimmer packs. All the channels on all the packs are periodically flickering about every second, all at the same time. I can tell by the indicator LEDs but I plugged in some fixtures (just regular incandescent household light bulbs) to be sure.To preface...
  3. Gage

    LMI SD-6000 dimmer

    Not really any questions to answer with this one, was just going through some pallets of old gear and stumbled across this monster. Interesting form factor, technically a dimmer pack, although only one channel (that appears to be rated at 6k), and a built-in fader for convenience. I'll have to...
  4. Gage

    Control/Dimming New (to me) EDI Scrimmer II dimmer packs

    I recently bought 3 EDI Scrimmer II dimmer packs from an auction and had a few questions and curiosities. There are two 6k 6 channel units, and one 6k 12 channel unit, the 12 channel unit doesn't have a panel in the front to configure the pack for single or three-phase. The manual isn't much...
  5. D

    Help needed with School Lighting setup (dimmer pack addresses)

    We've been asked to help a School re-connect the lighting in their Theatre and we're struggling to address the dimmer packs correctly. They've lost their previous tech guy and all the lights were disconnected for testing, so we've been working pretty much from scratch to get it all back up and...
  6. nick_fouts

    Fuse Question—Leviton Dimmer Pack

    Hi all,I have a Leviton DDS 5600 microplex dimmer pack. Went to install today and found a missing fuse on one of the channels. In advance, please pardon my naïvete around electricity and fuses--I'm still learning!It requires a 6A, 250V non time-delay fuse. I know that I can order online...
  7. P

    Leviton DDS 6000 Dimmer Pack DMX

    I'm having a problem with one of my Leviton DDS-6000-15 dimmer packs. I'm unable to control any lights plugged into it via dmx. It's not an addressing issue- I was able to get other DDS-6000s to work just fine. I'm able to control fixtures after it in the data chain, but on this pack the dmx...
  8. M

    Design Issues and Solutions DMX-4 permanent install (or, am I a big dummy?)

    Okay, so I work at an Event center/venue. I've been tasked upgrading out lighting "system". Currently, we have track lighting with an assortment of par38 and par 36 bulbs all over the place. These are all run back to wall outlets that use cheapo inline dimmers from the home despot. For obvious...
  9. beescores

    Dimmer Electricity "bleed"

    I'm not sure what else to call it but after literal hours of Google I just have no clue. Any tips would be appreciated! -- I have a 6-channel Leprecon LD 360 DMX dimmer pack with 4 fresnels and 2 practicals (normal lamp bulbs) hooked in. They all run correctly and independently on the channels...
  10. H

    Over-Lamping Dimmer Packs

    Hey all, So I am doing a show and have ran into a a bit of an issue. The fixtures I am wanting to use have 2000 watt lamps. The dimmer packs I am using are 600 Watts. Can I use these dimmer packs with these lights, I can’t figure out if the lights will just use less than 100 percent, or if it...
  11. Grayson Merchant


    Hello all! I'm currently struggling try to get my Elation dimmer pack where all four dimmers can be used. I don't think there's a problem with any of the dimmers or the 3 pin XLR I'm running from a board into the dimmer pack. I want to be able to control all four channels. I can only do two...
  12. tdtastic

    Dimmer Doldrums

    Our dimming system has been doing funny stuff this summer; seeking advice for things to look for and maintenance techniques that we could or should be doing on the regular even despite our current issues.We have three SR48 racks with 2.4k dual D20's -- whole system installed about eighteen...
  13. PACPTech

    Control/Dimming Help with dimmer connections...

    Hello all! I am hoping someone can provide some insight to my odd inquiry. My community theater has two Lite Puter DX1220 dimmer packs. They are looking for the best way to set these up in a semi permanent install. What I am trying to understand is how would one rackmount this in a flight...
  14. D

    Leprecon LD-360 and ETC ION

    I am setting up a small plot for a show coming up and I am trying to use a Leprecon LD-360 6ch Dimmer with my ETC ION. The problem I am having is that while the indicator on the Dimmer shows that it is getting good DMX it will not turn any lights on. Am I missing something?
  15. Gary

    dimmer pack power

    Is it best to plug a dimmer pack directly to the wall socket and the lights to an pro extension cord? Rather then bringing the dimmer packs to the lights via extension cord?