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    Control/Dimming iSeries E 96 dimmer rack configuration software

    Hello everyone,I work in higher education and I'm trying to install some LED fixtures (American DJ PAR Z100) in our old theater. We would like to utilize the existing power from the dimmer rack ( iSeries E 96 ) by converting the stage pin to powercon. In the dimmer rack manual it talks about...
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    Strand Lighting CD80SV Non-Dim Modules Failing

    Hi everyone,Has anyone had experience with replacing/repairing Strand's CD80SV "Z" Type 2.4kW Non-Dim Relay modules? My high school has had 2 of these units fail, in one of them both relay control boards have failed and in the other one only one board has failed. Is there an easy way to repair...
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    Control/Dimming Sensor+ Dimmer Rack Dimmers Failing

    I am working with a Sensor+ Dimmer rack with R25D2 Dimmers. They keep on failing. Either not actually outputting power or not outputting consistently. The person that installed the rack entered the dimmer types in as R20D units. Could this be causing my problems?