1. R


    Hello everyone! I am a fairly new technical director with no previous knowledge of the theater I’m working in, or the equipment they have. I have two lighting trees with four Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus dimmers each. I’m trying to connect them by DMX cables to an ETC Express Board. The Mega TRIPAR...
  2. ScenicKatie

    Colortran ENR Series 96 Issue

    Hey everyone,I am the Auditorium Manager and TD for a high school theater and I am working on a “wish list“ of items to get replaced in our outdated theater. Administration is asking me to provide citations for why we need certain items replaced other than “its old”. So- We are running on 2...
  3. A

    CD80 Supervisor Panic Mode Active

    Hi all,We have a CD80 Supervisor and we think that we had some sort of influx of power to make it go into panic mode. All of our dimmers are at full and we cannot control anything. However, we don't know how to get it out. Anyone have any advice?Thanks
  4. R

    CEM Display Freaked

    Hi Everyone, Was vacuuming out sensor racks and at some point the CEM display freaked out--all we did was a standard pulling-out and replacing of D20s, R20s & CC20s. The CEMs weren't even touched.Happened to 2 out of 3 racks. CEM+ model, so admittedly a bit old, but this sure didn't happen...
  5. Stevens R. Miller

    Merely sending data illuminates three dimmers. Why?

    I was in my local middle school today, to help them learn to use their new Scene Setter lighting console to replace their crumbling Innovator. When I connected the Scene Setter and turned it on, it woke up in "black out," as it is supposed to. However, I noticed that two instruments and some of...
  6. S

    Control/Dimming Followspot Dimming Issues

    Had an interesting problem come up today and I am hoping someone can explain it to me. I am an electrician at a community theatre and some of our followspots are Source 4s on a stick. These are powered with our sensor dimmers, but also have a household wall dimmer so the operators turn their own...
  7. K

    Capio Plus dimmer modules

    My theater has a Capio Plus ILS-CP48 dimmer rack. At the time it was installed we could only afford 24 dimmers and are thus left with a half filled rack AND only 48 usable channels. I am using the CP20HP dimmer module. Some of the modules have stopped working and I have been looking for...
  8. R

    Connecting dimmer to board

    Hello,I'm having a bit of a problem with some of my dimmers.. I work in a black box theater, where all the dimmers are ETC SmartBar's that are daisy chained together to an ETC SmartFade. There's a problem now, however, where some of the bar's (but not all) are not working. Not working meaning...
  9. S

    Control/Dimming Adding LED Instrument to Existing Lighting Rig

    Hello all,I am working in a space that has two portable 12-dimmer racks and I am trying to add an LED luminaire to the system.Control: I am using a computer program called Isadora, which I know quite well, and my Macbook Pro instead of the tiny control console that is in the space. I am...
  10. B


    HelloI'm new here but don't know where else to ask this question.I ordered two dimmer packs from TEATRONICS last June. After six months of no product we asked for a refund. That was three months ago. They have been giving us the runaround. Anyone have any insight in this company.
  11. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming SmartPack Wallmount Units With Link Power Supply

    Install of SmartPack Wall Mount units with Link Power SupplyI am wondering about the install of a few wall packs we are receiving soon. I was handed the list today and needed a bit of clarification. We are getting 2 SL1210W-LPS Wallmount Racks w/ Link Power Supply. First, Will a straight...
  12. Bubby4j

    Control/Dimming ETC R20 Issues

    I bought an ETC R20 used for our Sensor+ rack, however I think there may be an issue with the module.As you can see in the picture below, the "Power" indicator light for the bottom channel does not turn on unlike the top one. The "Signal" light is lit on both of them.I can hear the top relay...
  13. KT the TD

    Colortran i96 dimmer rack problems

    We're having troubles with our dimmers after the power went out. Some won't shut off, some pop on at 50% when the fader gets to 1%, and it's an issue being December when everyone and their brother put on "The Nutcracker."I've tried resetting the modules but can't find a main power switch to...
  14. S

    120V Power Snake

    First, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Over the past few years, I have seen numerous cables, both homemade and store bought, which are like a FOH Audio Snake. Instead of having 4 different extension cords, it is a power snake, with 4 channels of independent power. So the male ends plug into a...
  15. Tim Boyer

    ETC Smartpack (x2)

    All - make me an offer. I've included a picture from B & H so that you can see the retail pricing. I want to clarify - this is for TWO brand new 12 channel dimmers. It's a killer price, and I need to move the gear so please contact me if you have interest. We can figure out the shipping too...