1. nick_fouts

    SmartBar Non-dim mode

    Hey all,Does anyone know if the “Non-dim” mode on ETC SmartBars is regulated or unregulated voltage? I’ve read ETC’s page on this but am still left a bit confused. I have been using the convenience outlets to power our LED cyc lights, but we run into having to lower the batten every time we...
  2. Walnut

    Leprecon ULD 360 Dimming issue

    Hi All,I am having an odd problem with my Leprecon. My space uses 2 ULD 360 Leprecons to pump my dimmer count up to 42. These have been here since before i began this job 4 years ago and I am not sure when they were actually manufactured. the leprecon in question was purchased about 6 years...
  3. Rose03

    Send DMX over Bates?

    This is probably a terrible ideas but I want to know. Is it possible to send a 3pin dmx signal down a dimming circuit that is not connected to a dimmer? Would there be too much interference from other live circuits?
  4. tdtastic

    Dimming LED Tape ???

    Without getting into the quantum physics of why LED's are (but aren't really) dimmable, what are my options for dimming about 30' of LED tape? Plugging a power supply into a D-20 is preposterous, right? Do I need a DMX driver for the tape string? Help! Product links would be greatly appreciated.
  5. V

    Unrecognized Dimming Receptacle

    Hello,I was looking at the lighting situation in a dining hall in MIT's student center and they built in some stage pin and dimmer boxes around the room, likely when they first built the building. I don't recognize the connections for the dimmer and was wondering if anyone here could identify...
  6. Smatticus

    Control/Dimming Solais LR38 LED Retrofit with ETC Sensor CEM Classic

    Has anyone out there run into the Solais LR38 dimmable LED lamp? A high school I work at just replaced all of the incandescent lamps in the house light fixtures with these LED lamps. The fixtures are fed by ETC D20 Sensor dimmers controlled by a CEM Classic (five fixtures per dimmer). No...
  7. K

    Control/Dimming Simple lighting question...help!? Limited resources...

    Hey! I'm in the process of planning our annual youth camp. We are stepping it up a notch this year and adding some real stage lighting instead of just the rear house lights turned on/off between the worship set and speaker. We currently have some large and small par cans that were donated. They...
  8. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Dimming with LED fixtures

    Join our European Product Manager Sam Bowden as he takes us through the intricacies of combining of 16 bit dimming and dimming curves.
  9. Grant Strain

    Control/Dimming Issues with Dimming

    Hey everyone,I've been designing in a new space for a few months, and over that time, i've gone from 4 dimmers not dimming properly, to in excess of 8. The issue is that all the standard fixtures I have (ETC Source4, S4 PAR, Strand 6xX, Altman 6xX) will go to about 60% when I brung the...
  10. EdSavoie

    Conventional Fixtures Old-school footlights

    Aside from being in slight disrepair, our footlights still work and the presumably mercury tilt switches are still there. That being said, one of the circuits (Down Stage Right foots) is doing something very strange. The lights are acting like they are being powered by a relay and turning full...
  11. EdSavoie

    CD80-AE and Dimmable LEDs

    We have this Bulletproof CD80 Advanced Electronics Rack filled with the 2.4KW modules, and life is just dandy. Travel to a few years ago and part of an "eco friendly" initiative has our house lights replaced with LEDs.I'm sure most of you can see where this is going now, but the LEDs aren't...
  12. Stevens R. Miller

    DMX Console that Works in Banks?

    I've spent a few days trying to find this, and am thinking maybe there's a reason why I'm looking for the wrong thing.Our Innnovator 24/48 has 48 faders, each of which (as far as I can tell) is permanently assigned to a channel matching its position. That is, fader #1 sends DMX commands on...
  13. KT the TD

    ETC ION Fader Wing Display Issue

    HELP! My 10x10 universal fader wing display is not functioning properly. The light is on but no labels display nor does the ETC namesake appear on boot up like the other fader wings. HOWEVER, the fader still operates the lights assigned to the sub, it just doesn't display anything. I can also...
  14. Fluxion Designs

    Control/Dimming Pulsing Dimmers - This one is a major head scratcher.

    Hello everyone, I've used this board in the past and appreciate all the good expertise here. I've posted in the past, but for some reason my account isn't being recognized at all, so I had to start a new one. Apologies for that. I'm working with a venue who are having what is a fairly common...
  15. tdtastic

    LED HouseLights FAIL!!!

    Much to my chagrin, our school’s maintenance team has replaced all of my theatre’s incandescent house lights with LED floods as part of an energy-saving mandate. Of course, THEY DON’T DIM!!! Seeking advice from others who have found themselves trying to do this very thing. I have 17-year-old...
  16. Tim Boyer

    ETC Smartpack (x2)

    All - make me an offer. I've included a picture from B & H so that you can see the retail pricing. I want to clarify - this is for TWO brand new 12 channel dimmers. It's a killer price, and I need to move the gear so please contact me if you have interest. We can figure out the shipping too...