1. KidzSlimez

    Can anybody identify these blacklight fixtures? Sorry for the bad pics

    For context, these are in Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at the Disneyland Resort. The fixtures look massive, and are about 40-50 feet up. Thanks!
  2. Jay Ashworth

    What does *your* SMPTE show control chaser do with Fast Forward?

    This one didn't cope too well...http://www.soundandcommunications.com/its-a-small-world-after-all/
  3. NateJanota

    A Whole New World? (Yes, You've Probably Already Guessed)

    Hello CB.I'm Nate, a 24-year old lighting programmer and technician who's been bouncing around the entertainment industry for 9 years.What's your background? What background? To be fair, I don't have the flair of a degree, the never-ending resume, nor the formal education to call myself a...