1. Joe Wilson

    Mixers/Consoles Share Your Script Trays?

    Hey everyone!I'm currently installing a new PA and mixer system in my theatre, and I'd love to see what's out there in the world of script trays that work well with digital desks.I'm putting in a Vi3000, but I'd love to see all sorts. Do you have a favorite setup? Do you prefer a music...
  2. J

    Contour Curtain Pulley system

    We are investigating the possibility of creating a small contour curtain for an upcoming show. We are a high school, and have a relatively small budget. Has anybody ever sewn the curtain themselves, installed the rings, and set up a pulley system that is hand-operated?We're thinking there...
  3. M

    Comm headset splitter

    I thought this would be a common question, but couldn't find anything in a search. Is there any reason building a 4pin XLR Y cable wouldn't work to put two headsets on one beltpack? I'm guessing there's plenty of power, since any headset I've used (when working properly) is capable of causing...
  4. Kyle McAnally

    3.5mm Headset Adapter

    So for a while I've been thinking about DIYing a Clearcom (or generic intercom) headset. To prefix this I'm a Theatre Electrician and capable of simple soldering, but a little lacking on in depth sound knowledge.I've seen: Which is where I actually...
  5. Harrison

    Viability of DIY Audio Snake

    First off - I've read that building a snake from the ground up is generally discouraged because the amount of work and the price of components typically makes it not worth it.I get that - but I have most of the raw materials and a very small budget. I've got a leftover spool of 24 AWG shielded...
  6. meatpopsicle

    molex connector

    Can anybody tell me what type of molex connector this is?
  7. finnb5

    Design Issues and Solutions DIY LED Adventure

    Hello! (See below for a TL;DR)I am a high school student, and I do lighting design for my school. Needless to say, the budget is a little bit tight for our theatre, despite the sports facilities being renovated every year...but that's none of my business. We have a wonderful ETC board which...
  8. Seth Morrison

    DIY Gobos in LED mover

    Hello!The company I am working for recently purchased some iPro Slides with the goal of printing our own gobos. However, we wanted to put these gobos in a moving head LED fixture. We checked the melting points and theoretically, everything should have worked fine.Unfortunately, despite this...
  9. J

    Stress Test Amplifiers

    Morning All,My current employer has been developing an in-house avmangament team. The growing pains for them are harsh. Currently one of the problems is the testing, disposal, repair and re-issuing of old gear.I need some help in building a test bench to load stress amplifiers. I currently...
  10. Henning

    DIY Stage Video Monitors

    So over the summer my space pulled a few video lines and added TV monitors Back stage (Stage Left/ Stage Right) and added a few camera angles connected to a switcher in the booth (Backstage View, Full stage view, etc). We don't have the money to invest in professionally made monitors so I was...