1. K

    Mixers/Consoles Midas DL32 Automatic Mute All Issue

    Hello!New to the forum here. Have had ZERO luck tracking down an answer with MIDAS support or on their forums so I'm hoping that someone here has run in to the same problem I'm having.Church I work for has an M32 at FOH and an X32 for backstage monitor, both running AES to the DL32. From our...
  2. NeroCaesar

    Patching Midas M32

    Hello all,I recently purchased a digital board for the first time and I am feeling like an idiot. I've spent hours looking through all the options but I can't seem to patch the thing.Currently I can only get "In 1" a mic to feed into "Out 1" and "In 2" to feed into "Out 2" and so forth...