dmx cable

  1. R


    Hello everyone! I am a fairly new technical director with no previous knowledge of the theater I’m working in, or the equipment they have. I have two lighting trees with four Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus dimmers each. I’m trying to connect them by DMX cables to an ETC Express Board. The Mega TRIPAR...
  2. M

    Seeking suggestions for Cat5/6 for DMX patch cables

    My theatre is upgrading all of our lekos to Source 4WRD units, which carry DMX over RJ45 ports (No 5 pin DMX connectors). I'm looking for the best option for the 150 or so patch cables that we will need. I really want to buy patch cables that are flexible and durable without reaching into...
  3. klaasvt

    Control/Dimming DMX cable shielding?

    Hi DMX sages! I'm working on a new DMX installation (moving over from Analogue). I have an 80m cable run to make from my desk location to the dimmer packs, and I've heard that it might be best to use unsheilded cable for longer dmx runs... Is that the case? It seems that most cables, even when...