dmx control

  1. Andri_2005

    I don't find the Driver, can you help me? - USAVE DRIVER SOFTWARE

    I have the following DMX controller at home: Controller DMX DC-192 (Botex) I would like to connect my computer to it and program the light show with QLC+ on my computer. To do this, according to the manual, the following driver must be installed on the computer: USAVE DRIVER SOFTWARE...
  2. H

    Control/Dimming Issue with Chauvet Obey 40 DMX controller

    Sorry if this is the wrong prefix or thread, but I'm having a bit of trouble with a Chauvet obey 40 unit and I was hoping someone here might have some insight. To preface this I'm a high school student and I have been assigned to set up lighting for an upcoming show and the lighting system on...
  3. L

    Rat Stands Trio 4 with Powerline PSU

    Our Orchestra purchased 80 new music stands a few months ago. I have been struggling with them randomoly "Flickering" or "blinking" off very quickly and randomoly in the orchestra.They are DMX Controlled, address 1 into an ETC gateway controlled by an Ion with 2.9 Software. I made my own...
  4. Clubitz

    Creative House Light Patching

    Hey all, I'm trying to control my venue's houselights through our lightboard. The system runs through our dimmer rack (a very old Strand CCR 600) but completely bypasses our slide patch board, and instead opts to control from 3 separate control panels. One of them, luckily enough, runs from this...
  5. Matthew Godlewski

    DMX video blackout generator for SDI

    I know I've seen this mythical device in the past for composite video signals., but it's been some time. Does anybody know of a similar device for SDI? I want to dim video signals to prevent light pollution from a conductor camera during blackouts via DMX. Any lead would be most helpful.Cheers,
  6. R

    New member seeking a wireless DMX tablet control for 3 RGBWAU fixtures

    Hi members,Thank you for being here. I work for a small venue that does weekly 1-2 person performances and I need easy to operate general lighting control. Im integrating 2 RGBWAU pars with a 9 cell RGBWAU washer in the middle pointing to the stage area. Boss doesnt want to run DMX cable. So...
  7. Palms

    RGB LED Tape DMX decoder wiring

    Hi all,I have a DMX decoder for RGB LED tape and I want to wire it up for use on a show. Its clear how the tape gets wired in but I have got a bit confused on how the power supply hooks up. There is an in for the power input clearly marked but then there is also another 'V- V-' terminal that...
  8. T

    Can a 3rd Party DMX Stage Light Controller connect to my ETC system?

    I volunteer as my kids school and we will be having a dance coming up next month. The DJ took a look at our setup and wanted to know if he can use his own light controller (which has some chase/strobe functions or something) for the show. He told me it is a "universal DMX controller". I know...
  9. N

    Architectural control into DMX

    Hello,Our school auditorium is currently being upgraded to a Crestron architectural control system. Our theatre has two DMX universes, and plenty of spare outputs, but we don’t have any spare DMX inputs into the system. What I’m wondering is:I’m sure people in this community have...
  10. Noah Abrams

    Etc Eos Gadget 2/ion

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on here and hope I can get some good feedback. I have recently purchased an ETC Gadget 2 DMX to USB interface. I love being able to have the functionality of an ion with a fraction of the price tag. Is there any affordable ways to connect an external...
  11. Rose03

    Control/Dimming Older Computer Based DMX Control

    I was wondering if there was any dmx control software for older computers, I was hoping to get something working on an iMac G4, but the older the computer the better.
  12. Rose03

    Microvision Or ETC Nomad?

    I have quite a predicament on my hands, I am looking to buy a DMX controller and I have narrowed it down to two possible candidates. Etc Nomad EOS or a microvision. Each is around the same price. The Pros of the microvision are I would have the opportunity to learn a new desk language, its an...
  13. L

    RGBW LED tape > from remote to DMX (?)

    I'm working on a show where the company has LED tape (RGBW), controlled via remote. I believe it is or is similar to Illume Lighting 196 in. Color Changing RGB Kit with Plug In Driver and Color Changing Remote As I want to control said LED tape from the light board I'm trying to figure out the...
  14. Fountain Of Euph

    Lighting: Network vs DMX Over Copper

    Hi all,I've been "off com" for a while, so let me know if there is another thread for this already.One of the spaces I help out in is starting to look at some lighting replacements. First priority is the wash lights over the thrust/apron-they are recessed par 36's (IE House lights) with...
  15. lightingjada

    Suggestions for designing a lighting control system

    Hi EveryoneI've designed lighting plan for a sport stadium but would like some advice on lighting control system for installation. I have no knowledge/real world experience regarding lighting control equipment but I've looked some resources regarding DMX-RDM, Art-Net & Wi-Fi. From all I've...
  16. Jeffry Garcia

    Automated Fixtures Looking to upgrade some lights?

    Hey Everyone!I have a big storage full of lights that have never been used that I need to get rid of...Almost any kind of light you can imagine. -Moving heads (Wash, Spot, Beam) -Par Cans -Controllers -Etc.Don't know if this is the right place to post but let me know if you're interested!
  17. A

    raspberry pi for click track + dmx control

    Hi everyone, before I'm getting crucified: yes I have read the previous threads on combining lights and click tracks. And I have been googling this at length but didn't get anywhere. I do have a more specific issue though.If I'm using my old raspberry pi (+ a dmx interface built for it like...
  18. Graham Zellers

    Design Need Wiring LED Help

    Hello all,My theatre has decided to put up a show in which there is a ton of individual LEDs and LED tape needed within our scenery and needs to be DMX-controllable. I am not exactly sure where to begin though I know we will have a 15' by 30' wall that breaks into 5 sections (for wall moving...
  19. O

    NSI N0501-2 Microplex to DMX

    Hey Everyone,I recently acquired an NSI N0501-2 or Leviton I/F 501-2 (i believe they are one in the same) to be able to utilize some old dimmers we have to be able to be controlled by our DMX software. We are currently running a variety of DMX controllers (what ever production is in the...
  20. S

    Control/Dimming Adding LED Instrument to Existing Lighting Rig

    Hello all,I am working in a space that has two portable 12-dimmer racks and I am trying to add an LED luminaire to the system.Control: I am using a computer program called Isadora, which I know quite well, and my Macbook Pro instead of the tiny control console that is in the space. I am...