dmx conversion

  1. S

    0-10v dimming conversion to 10-0v?

    Hello, first time poster here but have run into a dimming situation I can't find a solution to.We have a PC running an Enttec ode mk II. It sends DMX to, among other things, a 0-10V (sink) controller. This is tied to the house lights. Note, that the building is a gymnasium with a stage on the...
  2. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Net-X User Manual Rev. 4

    Net-X is a reliable and versatile rack-mountable Art-Net-to-DMX adapter with an integrated optical DMX splitter. It has two 5-pin DMX inputs and eight 5-pin DMX outputs, all optically isolated and can take up to eight Art-Net universes simultaneously. The eight 5-pin DMX outputs can be assigned...
  3. meatpopsicle

    molex connector

    Can anybody tell me what type of molex connector this is?