dmx iris

  1. Joshualangman

    DMX iris as projector douser?

    Hi all,Does anyone do this? Any reason not to? I'm concerned that the iris may be smaller than the lens even when full open. Does anyone make an iris-type product for a larger aperture than the typical S4 iris?Josh
  2. NickVon

    I-Cue/Iris "moving Head" alternative

    So my friend and I were researching some alternatives to adding (2) additional I-Cue/Iris setups to our respective venues. We both already have 2 in each of our venues.19d Source 4's with I-Cue mirror, City Theatrical DMX iris (the 4pin) kind, Rosco 4 Channel PSU and Dmx/Scroller cable) The...
  3. Chuck Reece

    Rosco DMX Irises Jamming

    Hi All,Recently 5 of my 6 Rosco DMX Irises, being used in 750w Source 4 units in Mode 1, have been seizing up, jamming in place and making a lovely grinding noise. When I go turn the silver knob on the back of the irises, they work for the day, but tend to stay the problem over again after...