1. J

    Upgrading 35 year old Strand AMX192 system

    Thanks for letting me join this group! I work at a small HS with an app. 500 seat auditorium. The lighting system is about 35 years old and in need of improvement. I am not a lighting specialist, just a music teacher helping out.We have a Strand AMX192 system with an assortment of...
  2. jfleenor

    Introducing the model 1212-DIN DMX/RDM splitter from Doug Fleenor Design!

    The 1212 splitter is now shipping! For additional product information and full model numbers visit: compact design, surface mount pc board components, and simplified assembly procedure allow us to offer this new splitter at a cost lower than our premium...
  3. Stevens R. Miller

    "Vsync" for DMX512?

    This will be a hard question to ask as I probably am not acquainted with the proper terminology. Let's see if I can make myself understood. Let me start with a comparison to something I (think I) do understand pertty well:Video is created by painting a series of still images on a monitor...