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    plans for a rolling door unit

    Does anyone have plans for a rolling door unit? We have a play coming up and we want to build a door that we can move around easily to be the door to various different rooms. I've seen a lot of tips for how to fix various issues with freestanding doors, but I can't find a base set of plans or a...
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    How to brace a free-standing door on a rake?

    I have a door and frame that needs to be freestanding on a raked stage. Ideally, there wouldn't be any sort of base visible from the front, and just feet off the back. But I imagine if I only have feet off the back, because of the angle of the stage, the door is just going to tip forward. What...
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    Portable doors

    I am in a sticky situation and wondering if anyone has any ideas here. I am assigned to design a small portable set that can be used in assemblies and assembled by a few people, portable to fit into a van or truck. However, the set calls for entrance through a door. Now how the heck does one...
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    Sill Iron Alternative

    I am at a theater that uses stock shutter and frame assemblies. but no sill irons. Isit possible to use a door without a sill iron or is there an alternative to the sill iron if there is not one there?