1. WFair

    Replacing borders with no fullness?

    It has come time to replace all our drapery (FINALLY!) and I am starting to put together specs for the project. While I have a variety of questions regarding weight, lining, etc my main question for this thread is about my borders/teasers/valance...whatever you choose to call the 8-ft tall x...
  2. absolutetheatremn

    Used Black Curtains

    Our theatre is smaller in size and looking for some black curtains to use as a main drape for "A Year With Frog and Toad." We need two curtains 12'6 inches to 14 feet High and 14 to 20 ft wide, preferably black so we can use them for other shows. We are willing to buy but our budget is limited...
  3. tdtastic

    Medieval/Renaissance Banners

    We have ONCE UPON A MATTRESS on this summer and the designer has come up with a HUGE castle set with a thousand and one little bits and things. One of which are painted 'banners' that would hang in the 'great hall.' Our painter doesn't have time to do these. Is there some magical source for...
  4. L

    Stage Drape Repair Metro Detroit

    First post here on the forum, i am looking for a company/person to do some stage drapery repair/patching in metro detroit. the person i used in the past has retired and i am looking for someone new. I was wondering if anyone here would have any recommendations.ThanksLucas