1. E

    Design Issues and Solutions Need Advice Creating Battery Operated Candelabras

    Hello, I'm a student lighting designer and I am currently designing the lights for a production that needs 4 candelabras that are brought on and off stage by actors that are battery powered and have a switch for the flames to turn on. The current set up is using 4 chandeliers that have 5 bulb...
  2. W

    Animation Wheel Woes

    Hello all! Another stumper for you all. I've got a Mac 2000 Performance II with some animation wheel problems. It spins just fine won't won't track on and off. Already put a new motor and checked the wheels and bearings that the belt wraps around and it all looks good. Also, on start up and...
  3. Davetp

    Practical Desk Lamp and Wall Lights

    Hello, I am working on a new show and we have ran into a small problem, we have just realized that we need to wire our desk lamp to run off of one of our Zero88 Alpha Packs or Another 15amp socket on the stage. Is it ok just to unwire a 13amp plug and change it for a 15amp one? if so what lamps...
  4. EHansenLX

    Stage Pin Strobe Question

    This may be a dumb question but I'm wondering if there is any strobe comparable to the Martin atomic 3000 that uses stage pins instead of DMX?The space I'm working in means to get strobes where I'd need them I'd have to use radio DMX which I'd rather not do, but I'm not aware of any nonDMX...