1. Gage

    Control/Dimming New (to me) EDI Scrimmer II dimmer packs

    I recently bought 3 EDI Scrimmer II dimmer packs from an auction and had a few questions and curiosities. There are two 6k 6 channel units, and one 6k 12 channel unit, the 12 channel unit doesn't have a panel in the front to configure the pack for single or three-phase. The manual isn't much...
  2. Captain_419

    Strand GSX (yes the golf ball board) Floppy Issue

    Hello, I have an old Strand GSX 64000 (golf ball spectacular) i have tried for a few days now to figure out why it wont save to the floppy disk anymore, i have tried replacing the drive with another and to no avail. I was wondering if any of you have had similar issues or if anyone knows what...
  3. J

    RotaLock vs. Cheeseborough clamps

    I will need a quantity of pipe clamps for attaching battens to the grid. Many of these attachments won't be at a right angle, so Cheeseborough clamps would work better. There are a couple instances where I will need to control rotation of the pipe. Would a rotalock clamp be better than a rigid...