1. Brent McDannald

    Relatively new Master Electrician at a road house

    Hey! As the title says, I am a relatively new(about a year in) Master Electrician at a road house where we have about 300+ shows a year.Im starting to learn Vectorworks and Lightwright.And slowly but surely we are acquiring more intelligent fixtures(currently just have ETC ColorSource Cycs)...
  2. N

    College Question regarding college and life

    Hi folks!I'm turning to strangers on the internet for guidance because why not? So currently I'm enrolled in a B.A. program for Design and Technology with a concentration in Lighting. I also have two professional jobs currently working as an electrician/ stagehand for both.My question is, I...
  3. TheTheaterGeek

    Best headlamp!?!

    What is the best headlamp y'all have encountered. Just lost mine of 5 years and ready to upgrade.
  4. Conner Jones

    Checking in from St.Louis, Hello!

    Hello everyone,I am an undergraduate studying theatrical lighting design. I graduate in a couple semesters and so I am getting on here to hopefully gain some advice from industry veterans about what to do with my career moving forward. Also I am on here to ask questions when I inevitably get...